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Whether you're looking for Salvia leaves, tinctures, or extracts, we have it all! Take a quick look at our extensive range of Salvia Divinorum products.

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At Salvia-Express.nl, we strive to provide you with the highest quality Salvia Divinorum products. Our range consists of dried Salvia leaves, standardized extracts, and liquid extracts, carefully packaged in environmentally friendly packaging and produced in accordance with HACCP guidelines in our professional facilities.

We import Salvia Divinorum leaves and extracts multiple times a year directly from Mexico. This involvement ensures that we can guarantee the freshness of our products. Launched in 2023, Salvia-Express.nl is at the beginning of its journey, and we are excited to welcome you as one of our first customers.

Due to a change in policy by our previous payment provider, we had to stop selling Salvia Divinorum in our other stores, despite the fact that Salvia Divinorum is fully legal in the Netherlands.

For Salvia-Express.nl, we have found a suitable payment service provider that offers secure payment methods. We are committed to your satisfaction and greatly appreciate your feedback. If you are satisfied with our service and products upon receiving your package, it would greatly help us if you leave a review.

Salvia leaves

Discover the power of Salvia Divinorum leaves, directly imported from the depths of Mexico. Ideal for those seeking a natural and authentic experience.

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Salvia Extracts

Powerful and concentrated, our Salvia extracts will provide you with the most intense experience. Perfect for those looking for deeper exploration.

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Salvia Tinctures

Experience the versatility and convenience of our Salvia Divinorum Tinctures. Easy to use and perfect for those seeking an alternative consumption method.

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Discover the World of Salvia Divinorum

Salvia Divinorum, a mystical herb from the heart of Mexico, has been an integral part of spiritual and healing practices for centuries. Its intense and unique effects have made Salvia a beloved plant among psychonauts worldwide.

From dried leaves to potent extracts and tinctures, at Salvia-Express.nl, we ensure that we offer a wide range of high-quality Salvia Divinorum products. Our careful and respectful handling of the herb guarantees that you will only get the best quality from us.

Salvia Divinorum offers a unique, deep, and transformative experience. It can provide insights and open new perspectives. Whether you are seeking deeper spiritual experiences, personal growth, or simply curious about the effects, Salvia Divinorum is an herb to approach with respect and awareness.

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